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Pretty faces can be identified in a crowd. Prettyfication involves assessment of your face and photographs and then getting the proportions right with special nonsurgical techniques to turn you from a girl next door to a supermodel. Common methods used for prettification are Juvederm XC injections. Juvederm is a US FDA-approved filling substance that can be injected under the skin and on top of the bone to shape any facial feature.


Anyone above 18 can be benefitted from a Prettyfication. Usually, 18 to 30 years is the common age group. If you want to look more attractive, Prettyfication is the answer. Prettyfication changes your looks naturally without surgery, risk, healing time, and without anybody knowing. You look more beautiful, but still yourself. Prettyfication can be done slowly to make it look even more natural.


There is no downtime/ recovery time needed. Local anaesthesia cream is applied on the face to make it comfortable. The procedure takes less than 30 minutes, and you can go about your works after that.


These injections are done using ultra fine small needles, and the injections are not very uncomfortable.


Occasionally there can be a minor bruise or swelling. These things disappear within five days and can be easily hidden with makeup. Please inform Dr Priti Shukla if you have any bruising tendency. Complete medical history should be revealed at the time of consultation. No medication or blood work is usually required.

Procedure Cost

The cost of Prettyfication varies with the amount of work and filler material involved. The cost details will be provided during the consultation.

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Prettyfication is a procedure which is as artistic as sculpting with clay. A trained eye and expert’s hands are required to create best results. The basic understanding of a pretty face is based on Leonardo Da Vinci’s golden proportions of pretty faces.

The width of the nose bridge between the eyes should not be too far or too short. Eyebrow begins on the same line as the corner of the eye nearest to the nose. Symmetrical eyebrows are parallel to the line of the nose.
Space from the lower eyelid to the upper eyelid should be same as space between the upper eyelid and eyebrow. Botox is used to narrow the lower face and to arch the eyebrows.
An ideal nose must have wideness that covers 1/5th of the face, and the width of the nose must fit exactly between the internal corners of your eyes. With the Prettyfication procedure, the nose bridge can be made sharper.
A pretty face is supposed to be inverted triangle shaped with cheekbones and chin forming the points of a triangle. The width of the face across cheeks should be equal to two lengths of the nose. With Prettyfication, cheekbones can be made prominent.
Upper and lower lips volumes should be to the ratio of 40:60 lips can be made pouty and shapely. Overall change in face structure can be achieved by artistically using Juvederm at the right place in the right quantity.
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