Pretty faces captivate us. They also tend to stand out in a crowd. At Ambrosia, we believe in ‘prettyfication’ to help you gain self confidence.

What is Prettyfication?

It starts with taking inputs from the client about expectations, assessment of the face and photographs. The next step involves rectifying the proportions with special nonsurgical techniques to take you from the girl-next-door to a supermodel.

Most commonly used methods for this procedure are Juvederm XC injections, a US FDA approved filling substance that can be injected under the skin. These fillers sit atop the bone and help shape any facial feature.

Are you above 18?

If so, you definitely qualify to undergo this procedure. We insist on that minimum age limit to ensure that you are old enough legally to take the decision to change how you look. The wish to look more attractive is all the qualification required for Prettyfication. It allows you to look more beautiful but still yourself, since it naturally changes your look without surgery, risk, healing time. It can be done gradually and thereby look even more natural.


There is no downtime/ recovery time needed. Local anaesthesia cream is applied on the face to make it comfortable. The procedure takes less than 30 minutes, and you can go about your works after that.


These injections are done using ultra fine small needles, and the injections are not very uncomfortable.


Occasionally there can be a minor bruise or swelling. These things disappear within five days and can be easily hidden with makeup. Please inform Dr Priti Shukla if you have any bruising tendency. Complete medical history should be revealed at the time of consultation. No medication or blood work is usually required.

Procedure Cost

The cost of Prettyfication varies with the amount of work and filler material involved. The cost details will be provided during the consultation.


What does the treatment involve?

As artistic as sculpting with clay, Prettyfication is a simple procedure with a powerful impact. The basis for this procedure is the theory of the golden ratio of the perfectly beautiful face, laid down by Leonardo Da Vinci. It needs a trained eye and in the hands of an expert your dreams can come true.

Symmetrical facial features

Wondering if your face is symmetrical? Print out a front facing photograph of your face, use a ruler and level to determine if your features are even on each side of the face. These days of course there are apps available to help you do the same.

There is an universal assumption that facial beauty is determined by the symmetry of features.

The width of the nose bridge should not be too broad or too narrow. Eyebrows should begin on the same line as the corner of the eye close to the nose and symmetrical eyebrows should be parallel to the line of the nose.

Prettyfication allows you to attain symmetrical without the pain and healing time of a surgical procedure.

Opened up eyes

The distance between the eyelids should be the same as that between the upper eyelid and eyebrow. Botox can be used to narrow the lower face and arch the eyebrows.

Reshaping the nose

The perfect nose width must be about 1/5th of the face and fit exactly between the inner corners of the eyes. With this procedure, the nose bridge can be made sharper to fit these proportions.

Prominent cheeks and angular chin

An inverted triangle is supposedly the benchmark of a pretty face, with cheekbones and chin forming the points of the triangle. The width of the face across the cheeks should be twice the length of the nose. Prettyfication allows you to have those killer cheekbones!

Lip Correction

Did you know that your upper and lower lip volumes should be in the ratio 40:60? And then there is that pout and shapely beautiful lips that can be yours with Prettyfication. An overall change in facial structure can be achieved with the artistry of Juvederm, at the right place, in the right quantity and in the hands of the right aesthetician.

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