Keloids are a type of scar that is red, elevated, painful to touch and itchy. A special feature of keloid is that it grows bigger than the original injury.

Some people have a tendency to form keloids. A minor pinprick or even an unnoticed injury can cause keloids in their body. Keloids can also happen after surgery or burns.Keloids can happen anywhere on the body except on palms and soles. Most common places where keloids occur are ears, shoulder, chest bone and back. Keloids can form after piercing, acne, burn, injury or surgery.


1. Keloid injections: These injections are given into the keloids, and they improve the symptoms and appearance of keloids.

2. Pressure therapy: Pressure on the scar with the help of a pressure garment helps flatten the keloids

3. Silicone gel treatment: Silicone gel sheets or creams are an important part of keloid treatment.

4. Surgery: Surgery of keloids is in selected cases, with caution, because keloids have a tendency to come back after surgery unless a proper follow up is done with pressure and injection therapy.


What is the best treatment option for my keloids?

The doctor will first assess your problem, medical history and the degree of the treatment you require .After an individual assessment, she will prescribe you the treatment that suits you best.

Can i prevent keloid?
If you have keloid anywhere on your body, and you are planning to have any surgery or laser procedure inform your plastic surgeon so she can do what is needed to prevent more keloids.

Is keloid curable?

Keloids can be controlled and suppressed, but they are not completely curable in the majority of the cases. Regular follow-up with your plastic surgeon is advisable.

Treatment options

  • Keloid Injections
  • Keloid Surgery

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