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We grew up learning these words to instil confidence in ourselves. It is only fair that some of us seek perfection in how our chin or jaw line add or take away from that. Chins like any other facial feature, needs to be proportionate to the rest of the face, more so with the nose. As we age, the chin and jaw bone recedes due to loss of musculature making this proportion lopsided. 

Beauty standards differ between men and women, however these pointers may help somewhat gain an understanding of what to aim for realistically. 

Attractive Feminine Chin and Jawline

To be deemed beautiful, a woman’s facial features need to appear dainty and petite. The chin must be angular (with a pointed base) instead of square, neither too big nor too small. There is a strong link between the geometrical boundaries of a woman’s face and the overall facial beauty. The focus is mainly on the angle and contour of the jaw. There are varying standards of beauty, some studies show that an obtuse angle jawline with contoured jawline is the epitome of female facial beauty, while others have shown a narrow angle jawline is attractive. At the end of the day, ethnicity plays a big role in determining the perfect chin and jawline for a woman. One must also keep in mind that the groove between the chin and the lower lip should not be too deep. A jutting chin takes away from the attractiveness of the face.

Attractive male chin and jawline

It is said that a strong chin is a sign of character in a man. But from an attractiveness viewpoint, chiselled jaws along with strong chins definitely appear more masculine and are considered universally attractive. Anatomically, male chin bone structure is heavier and wider than in women, giving a more square and angular appearance. In terms of desirable proportions, when seen in a side profile, the end tip of the forehead needs to align perfectly with the chin. A recessed chin is not particularly a sign of great genetic health.

Treatments for an attractive chin and jawline


Juvederm voluma filler injections can be used to reinforce the bony structure of jawline and to increase the size of the chin. It can also be used to fill the groove between the lower lip and the chin.

Chin and jawline implant surgery:

To enhance the bone, silicone implants can be placed over the bone through a small incision.


To enhance the bone, silicone implants can be placed over the bone through a small incision.

Lipolytic injections:

They can help dissolve fat under the chin.

Viora RF Treatment
Skin tightening and under chin fat contouring can be done to improve the jawline.
Under chin and lower face fat can be sucked out with syringe liposuction.

Double chin surgery

Fat deep in the muscles is removed, and muscles are repaired to create a good neck chin angle. This surgery is done through a small incision under the chin.

Neck lift surgery
Neck muscles and skin are tightened to recreate the sharp jawline. It is usually reserved for people in their forties and above when the neck muscles begin to gradually lose their elasticity and begin to sag.
The perfect cheeks

A beautiful female face is triangular in front view, with a base at the cheekbones and tip at the point of the chin. Cheekbones are high, and there is no extreme hollowness or chubbiness of cheeks below the cheekbones. The lower face tapers to a pointed chin and not excessively square.
In men, however, the bony structure of cheekbones and jawline is stronger than in females. The lower face is more square, with prominent chiselled angles of the jaw.

Treatments for an attractive chin and jawline

Juvederm voluma injections can give desired highlight to the cheekbones and restore the triangularity of the youthful and attractive face. Juvederm can be used to fill hollow cheeks.


At times the muscle at the angles of the jaw becomes too enlarged, making cheeks seem too wide in the lower section. This is called Masseteric Hypertrophy and botox injections can be used to treat this.

Malar Implant surgery

Silicone implants can be placed over cheekbones through the incision inside the mouth for augmenting cheek bones.

Buccal fat pad removal

Chubby cheeks where buccal fat pad is the cause, can be treated by this surgery. This surgery is done through an incision inside the cheeks.


Excessive fat under the cheek skin can be removed by syringe liposuction.

Dimple creation surgery

Permanent dimple can be created by this surgery.

Autologous fat injections

Fat can be drawn into syringes from one’s body and re-injected into cheeks to augment the cheeks.


What treatment should I opt for - implant, filler or or fat injections - to get the beautiful cheekbones I want?

Juvederm has the least downtime for recovery and ensures the maximum safety. Juvederm Voluma injections also have no downtime and results are visible immediately; and last up to 1.5yrs. Fat injections are less reliable and are advised only for selected cases.

All three procedures are safe.

How is a dimple created surgically?

A dimpled smile has always been attractive, both in men and women. Dimples on the cheeks are small depressions that form when a person smiles or laughs while a dimple on the chin, known popularly as a cleft chin, is present as a permanent facial feature. Dimples are genetically inherited but then there is very little that cannot be acquired through surgery these days.

A dimple creation surgery is performed under local anaesthesia and takes about 30-45 minutes to perform one. The spot is selected by having the patient suck in the cheeks to identify the spot with the maximum depression. A small circular incision is made at the spot from the inside of the mouth through the mucus membrane; the skin and muscle at the spot is scraped off to cause a scarring effect on the skin from the inside of the cheek. An absorbable suture is used to stitch the two separated areas, causing them to stick with each other creating an artificial dimple. Initially the dimple remains on the cheek continually for a week or two until the area heals; following which it occurs only when the person smiles since the muscle and skin stick with each other. The cleft chin surgery follows a similar process where some tissue layers are removed from the skin.

Is Botox safe?

Yes, botox is definitely safe and is probably one of the most popular cosmetic procedure in the world.

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