Under Eye Dark Circles/Hollowness

Under eyes, dark circles ( periorbital melanosis ) is a common condition. It refers to the darker colour of the skin of lower eyelids, which is clearly demarcated from fairer cheek skin at the rim of orbit bone. Under eyes dark circles make the person look tired, weak or aged. Under Eye, dark circles can happen in both young and old irrespective of the age. However, often the reasons are different.

Under Eye dark circles of younger people (teens and twenties): There is usually a familial tendency of having dark skin on both upper and lower eyelids. Some teenagers have a crescent shaped groove under the bottom eyelid near the nose, which causes shadowing and gives the appearance of dark circles

Under Eye dark circles of older adults (Thirties and beyond):
These dark circles have pigmentation in the dermis or can be due to delicate blood vessels underneath the thin eyelid skin giving it a darker colour. Cheek tissue sags with age due to gravity, and a hollow groove appears between eyelid and cheek where the bony rim of the orbital bone can be felt right underneath the skin. Sometimes there is an additional oblique groove cutting across the cheek causing an unsightly depression. The groove worsens the dark colour under the eyes by shadowing effect. Wrinkles of eyelid skin add to the problem.

Treatment of dark undereye circles:

1. Juvederm: This can be used to fill the grooves and to remove the shadowing effect. Juvederm injections are safe, virtually painless and the result is instantaneous and results last up to two years in the undereye area.
2. Skin prescription products: Like ZO products that contain depigmenting agents to reduce pigmentation and agents that reduce wrinkling and reduce puffiness. Some products also provide coverage.
3. Chemical peels: Particular mild chemical peels are available for the delicate under eye skin.These peels reduce pigmentation and wrinkling.
4. Microneedling: This treatment reduces the pigmentation and wrinkling. can be added to enhance the results.


How can I prevent under eye dark circles?

Maintaining a healthy diet, right haemoglobin level and restful sleep helps in prevention of dark circles. Always wear UV-protective shades ( goggles ) when going out in the sun to prevent wrinkles are dark circles the eyes.

Are dark circles curable?

Majority of dark circles can be improved. However, sometimes and in some cases, the dark circles are genetic and in such situation using concealer is a good option.

How long does the treatment of dark circles take?

Juvederm treatment takes less than half an hour. Chemical peels and micro needling treatments are done once a month for 4-6 months usually.