There are specific signs that give away a person’s age. The Scientific study of a face at rest and during motion, reveals those ageing signs. They are addressed specifically and very subtly to give you a youthful and fresh look. Anti-Aging is not just about wrinkles; it is also about the changes that happen due to gravity, bone loss and weather. Anti ageing treatment can prevent wrinkles, even before they happen.

Ageing of the face is preventable, but not just with a good diet and creams alone. New techniques are available now, to prevent and slow down ageing in 4 dimensions. Ageing of face happens at four levels – skin, tissue under the skin, facial muscles and bone. Skin loses collagen and becomes thin with age. Pigmentation, age spots, sun damage and fine lines appear.

Tissue under the skin (subcutaneous tissue) loses fat in some places, and unwanted fat shows up in places like the jawline and under chin. Gravity causes skin and under skin tissue to sag and form folds. Bone also gets absorbed, and face loses its structure, leading to more folds and jawline disfigurement.

What does the treatment involve?

The ageless look can be achieved by starting early in the thirties to avoid any damage from happening.

Treatments for 30-40 years

for upper face lines and crow’s feet, Juvederm for under eyes and lips and anti ageing skin treatments are done.

Age 40-50 years

apart from above treatments, a liquid facelift is done with Juvederm volume. RF skin tightening is also recommended. Upper eyelid surgery ( upper lid blepharoplasty ) is performed.

Age 50 and above

Surgical and nonsurgical facelifts are performed. Vampire facelift  and fat injections into the face are also done.

Beautify Your Forehead & Eyes

Lines appear on the forehead ( frown and forehead lines ) and crow’s feet around the eyes. Eyebrow drops down making upper eyelids look heavy. Excess skin and fatty bulges or hollowness appear in upper and lower eyelids. Sometimes the under eye appears hollow.

Smoothen Your Nose

Nasolabial folds develop connecting nose to the angles of the mouth.

Tighten Your Cheeks & Chin

Cheeks start sagging, angles of mouth droop and Chin’s muscle gets tense, resulting in the chin losing its shape. Marionette lines appear connecting angle of mouth to sides of the chin. The Jawline loses its sharpness because of excess skin gathering there ( jowls) and also causes a double chin in cases of fat accumulation.

Lips Correction

Lip loses volume and outlines with ageing. A lip augmentation or a fat injection into the lip can enhance and make your lips look attractive.

Volumize Your Ear Lobules

The ear lobule loses volume due to skin sagging with age. This can be treated with a nonsurgical skin tightening treatment to get them back in shape.

Smoothen Your Neck

Bands appear on neck with ageing. A neck lift can be done to improve the skin texture.

Addressing your concerns

All of these treatments are safe and popular throughout the world. and Juvederm and simple with no need of rest. Anti ageing skin treatments are done regularly at the clinic with peels and Viora RF skin tightening. USFDA approved and can repeatedly be used over the years. Since they are performed after using local anaesthesia creams and needles used are ultrafine and small.


These treatments are safe and are mostly non-surgical and do not require any down time to recover. You may be as normal as you were before the treatment and continue with your routine on a daily basis. In some cases, there could be redness and swelling which stays for not more than one week but is still painless.


pain is minimal.Surgical procedures like facelift surgery and eyelid surgery require some rest but are painless.


Scarring is very rare which also fade away slowly in case of a surgical facelift treatment.

Procedure cost

Every face’s ages different. Therefore, the treatment cost is variable. After the facial assessment, a plan is made, and the cost will be provided based on the assessment.

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