Why Does Pigmentation Happen? And Different Types Of Pigmentation?

Why Does Pigmentation Happen

Pigmentation: Your skin is among the first features people notice about you, and they really notice it. A tan here, a mole there and some spots here or even some allergy there. All of this is noticed by people in that few seconds they glance at you. So your skin is important. Internally and externally. […]

Laser Treatments: Here’s How They Make You Beautiful!

Laser Treatments: Here's How They Make You Beautiful!

Laser Treatments: Are you unhappy with the skin you’re in? While some of you must be fretting over those fine lines that give away your age, some might be losing sleep over scars of bygone acne. Some of you might be unhappy with skin pigmentation, while some of you might be looking at ways to […]

Painless and permanent: Electrolysis Vs Laser Hair Removal

Waxing. Threading. Hair Removal Creams. Razors. Pain. Pain. Skin Allergies. Razor Bumps.  Return of the Unwanted Hair.  Hair Reduction Procedures: This is a cycle most of us are familiar with, be it man or woman. Unwanted hair, like the term suggests, is unwanted, and a menace. We’ve all tried diys and temporary fixes, to get […]

How To Look Radiant Like Kajol…? Her Fairness Secrets Unveiled!


How to Look Radiant? The Indian obsession for fair skin dates back to the days when people from the lower social class often had much darker skin, as compared to the people who were categorically considered higher. It is an inherent notion in our society, that if you have fair skin, you are considered superior […]