Chubby Cheeks

Chubby Cheeks are found in children, but they flatten out in adults giving a chiselled look. Currently, some people prefer chubby cheeks, but most prefer the chiselled look. Chubby cheeks make the person look fat.

Treatment Options

Hollow /sunken Cheeks

Hollow cheeks occur due to loss of subcutaneous fat and buccal fat due to weight loss, illness or ageing. Correction of excessive hollowness restores youthful and attractive look.

Face Lift

Face starts sagging with age due to the effect of gravity. A youthful face has high cheekbones and narrow lower face in shape of an inverted triangle. Ageing causes the lower face to become heavier, and cheek bones flatter.Read More

Beautiful Chin & Jawline

Chin like any other facial feature, should be proportionate to the rest of the face and more so to the nose. With ageing chin and jaw bone shrinks, making the problem worse. Strong chin enhances male beauty.Read More