Gynecomastia (Male Breast)

Gynaecomastia or male breast is a common condition. Enlargement of male breasts happens due to overgrowth of breast glands, fat deposit or both. Gynecomastia in a majority of cases is of unknown origin and not associated with any other health issues. There is no medical treatment of gynaecomastia. Exercises and weight loss do not cure gynaecomastia. Surgery is the best treatment option. Read More

Treatment Options

Pointy Nipples

Nipple enlargement and pointiness can be seen in men with healthy BMI (average weight), and it’s because of enlargement of gland tissue under the nipple. Pointy nipples show through T-shirts and cause embarrassment. The gland can be removed by a minor surgery under local anaesthesia.

Treatment Option
  • Gland removal surgery

Six Pack Abdomen

The ideal male abdomen is flat, with muscles outline showing through the skin. The waistline is straight and tapers downwards from chest to the hips. The male abdomen may lose its shape due to weight gain, sedentary lifestyle, ageing, and Bariatric Surgery.

Full Body Hair Removal

Unwanted body hair is a concern for both men and women. While some men prefer having body hair, some prefer getting it removed because they prefer hairless skin. Excess hair can cause skin hygiene issues, ingrown hair and some serious issues like pilonidal sinus. Laser hair reduction is the best way to control unwanted body hair.

Treatment Options


Lipomas are small fatty lumps under the skin. Commonly found in Men. Lipomas are painless and grow slowly. If they become visible, they can be removed through very small cuts by plastic surgery.