Step 1 : Initial Discussion - Planning Your Cosmetic Surgery

Please take the time to go through all the relevant information in the website about the procedure you would like to have. There is additional information in the FAQ section and under Related Articles. This necessary information is very helpful in explaining different procedures and guiding you to ask relevant questions while meeting the doctor in person. Also, please feel free to email Dr. Priti at any time to discuss preliminary information to help you in your decisions regarding your cosmetic surgery. You can expect a response in less than 24 hours.

Step 2 : Planning your Cosmetic surgery in advance

The result of most cosmetic surgeries appears in 1-3 months. Therefore prepare for surgery at least three months or more before any major event such as attending a wedding, social event or reunion.

Step 3 : To do list while you plan your travel

–> Fill up the medical questionnaire for us to understand your concerns better
–> Share your health records and pictures at
–> Apply for your medical visa for the treatment in India. We will send the letter to your embassy requesting for an approval of your medical visa
–> You may need to bring someone to accompany you for help, post the surgery

Step 4: Video consultation with Dr. Priti Shukla

During this time you can discuss what you desire to be changed, and expectations for the outcome and any other questions you may have. The operative plan will be tailored to your requirements discussed during this time. Video consultation can be done on skype or facetime.

Step 5: Fix your appointment for the surgery:

You can fix your appointment a week or more in advance by paying 50% of the procedure cost online.

Step 6: Cosmetic surgery payment plan:

You can pay half the amount before surgery and the rest of the half after the surgery through these methods- cash/ credit card/ online transfer into account. (We accept all payment.

Instructions For a Day care Surgery:

  • –> For a daycare surgery under general anaesthesia, arrange for a responsible person to stay with you overnight and accompany you back from the hospital. If you are coming alone and do not have any help then you should stay in the hospital for 24 hours. For local anaesthesia this is not required.
  • –> Discuss with Dr. Priti the period of rest needed, what to expect in the following weeks and any follow up visits in advance.
  • –> You will be provided with a private room and a private nurse in the hospital.

Note: Surgery during the menstrual cycle

Surgery can be done safely during the menstrual cycle. It is not advisable to postpone the periods with medications.

If you are planning for major surgery such as liposuction, tummy tuck, or breast reduction of more than 3 Liters, start taking iron capsules a month in advance if possible. In the case that your haemoglobin is less than 12 g you may need to reserve matching blood for transfusion. It is safer to have a known friend available for blood donation.

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