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Male chest (Gynecomastia):

Gynecomastia Male Breast – Normal male chest does not have prominent nipples. Male Chest may be flat or bulky depending on the bulk of pectoral muscle, but the shape is never conical like that of female breasts. Attractive male chest has pectoral muscle lower and outer border visible. Male nipples are small, usually 2 -3 cm in width.

Gynecomastia male breast is a common condition. Enlargement of male breasts happens due to overgrowth of breast glands or due to fat deposit or both. Gynaecomastia is divided into four grades.

Grade one – only nipple enlargement and pointiness: This is seen in men with normal BMI (normal weight), and it is because of enlargement of gland tissue under the nipple

Gland excision surgery under local anaesthesia restores the normality of male chest. Grade two: Gland and fat extend all over the pectoral muscle, covering the outlines of muscle. This is the commonest type of Gynecomastia male breast.

Grade 3: This looks like a well developed female breast, and is difficult to hide even in clothes

Grade 4: This looks like a saggy female breast. It happens in obese men or after massive weight loss or bariatric surgery

Gynecomastia in the majority of cases is of unknown origin and not associated with any other health issues. There is no medical treatment of gynecomastia male breast. Exercises and weight loss do not cure gynaecomastia. Surgery is the best option for treatment. Following surgeries are done for different types of Gynecomastia male breast.

Gynecomastia male breast Surgery Liposuction of chest Gland excision surgery

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