Get Rid Of Man Boobs Fast and Naturally! Here’s How…

A few changes in lifestyle can help you solve this silent problem naturally

What is Gynecomastia?

Gynecomastia is a medical condition where men develop breasts similar to women. The condition involves extra breast tissue to grow in the chest, making it much fuller than it should be in men.

A few reasons for gynecomastia to develop:

  1. It can be simply because of obesity, which can cause men to develop breasts like shape. Sometimes fat is mistaken to tissue which can cause a bit of confusion. Consulting a physician can help you gain clarity and confirm whether you have fat or tissue, present in the chest.

  2. A hormonal imbalance that increases the levels of oestrogen and lowers the levels of testosterone present in the body triggers gynecomastia in men.



Many men are familiar with this condition and might feel embarrassed to address the issue. But, it shouldn’t be ignored, when there are numerous ways of solving it – without going under the knife.

Here are a few natural ways to overcome gynecomastia naturally.

  1. Reducing Calorie Intake: A low-calorie diet can help in weight loss. Losing weight solves half the problem. Substituting fried items with food rich in proteins and vitamins like fish, meat, vegetables and whole grains help in losing weight. It is very important to work out along with consuming nutritious food. Exercising improves metabolism, burns calories, and builds muscle, which is important in a weight loss regime.

    1. Cutting on sugar, rice, salt and flour.

    2. Staying clear of junk food and fried items.

    3. Following low carb meals can help achieve quicker results.

    4. Grilled or baked meat and fish lower the calorie count.


  1. Avoid Alcohol: Consuming alcohol can add more weight as they have high in calories. Replacing these beverages with water and juices can help flushing toxins out of the body and reduce weight.


    1. Drinking 8 -12 glasses of water every day.

    2. Healthy smoothies and fresh fruit juices.

    3. Drinking warm water early morning.

    4. Avoid aerated drinks and diet sodas


avoid alcohol


  1. Eating in Smaller Portions: Avoid eating heavy meals. Substitute them with healthy snacks and smaller portions. This helps to boost the metabolism level and prevents you from feeling hungry. Limiting calories to a 100 per bowl can help in speeding digestion and keep hunger away.

    1. Snacks as oatmeal, dry fruits, quinoa and yogurt and are a good substitute for heavier meals.

    2. Include vegetable salads or fruit salads in meals.


  1. High-Intensity Training: Working out regularly helps in losing fat. This involves working out fast for 30 seconds and then slowing down for the next 60 seconds which helps burn more calories than the normal rate.


chest workout


  1. Chest Workouts: Exercises can help firm the chest area, building muscles and shed excess fat. These exercises elevate the metabolism and testosterone levels while tightening the chest and making it lean.

Here are a few chest exercises:  

    1. Incline chest presses

    2. Decline presses

    3. Flat bench presses

    4. Chest Flies


  1. Cardio Exercises: It is considered to be one of the most efficient ways to improve metabolism and helps burn calories.

    1. Running

    2. Rowing

    3. Outdoor Sports

    4. Interval Training


  1. Using Gynecomastia Creams: There are creams advertised on internet. Unfortunately, they do not work . Creams penetrate only few millimeters of skin and do not go into the tissue . They are waste of time and money and can also cause skin allergies. 

  1. Taking Male Breast Reduction Pills: Most of the medicines contain testosterone boosters, which increase the production of male hormones or oestrogen suppressant, that reduce female hormones. But actually these pills are ineffective. Once the gland and fat has formed medicines can not shrink it. These medicines should be used only if hormones are found to be abnormal on blood tests. Otherwise, in most cases where hormones are normal but there is gynaecomastia -these pills are ineffective. Consulting a physician before taking any medication is necessary to ensure what works best for you.




  1. Gynecomastia Compression Shirts or Vests: These vests are specially designed for men, they have a tightening effect, which helps in reducing the chest size instantly. The shirts are worn under a shirt or t-shirt helps to make the chest visually look slimmer. Though it isn’t a permanent fix to the problem, it can be used every day.

Consulting a physician to address the problem saves a lot of time and helps clear any doubts regarding gynecomastia. These tips can be applied to your daily lifestyle to gain the desired results quickly. Following these tips can prove to be beneficial for anyone while learning to stay healthy and controlling the issue naturally.

We hope our blog has helped you with a few basic steps on how to get rid of man boobs naturally.

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