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Excess Hair | Excess Hair On Face

Surgery for Unwanted Hairs

Unwanted facial hair can happen in women and women often resort to threading, plucking, or bleaching to remove them. Excess body hair also causes the inconvenience of regular waxing and shaving. Such unwanted hair in women and men can be addressed by laser hair reduction

What are excess /unwanted body hair:
In women coarse hair on the face, or anywhere else on the body like arms, legs, underarms, back, breast, the abdomen is undesirable. Repeated waxing may cause the problem of ingrown hair. Excess pubic and axillary hair may interfere with hygiene
In men: Excess hair can be between eyebrows, on the face, and body. Excess hair can cause inconvenience, infection of hair roots ( folliculitis ), and ingrown hair
What is the cause: Excess hair is genetic most commonly. It also can happen with some hormone imbalances polycystic ovarian disease ( PCOD ) being the commonest in women.

Treatment of excess hair

Laser hair reduction is the current gold standard for treatment of excess hair on face or body.

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Excess Hairhirsutism


Laser hair removal is safe as long as the right kind of laser equipment ( USFDA approved ) is used and done under guidance of expert plastic surgeon/dermatologist
Electrolysis is another option. However, it is not so popular because it is painful and results are unpredictable.
LHR is done with Diode or Nd-YAG laser. All machines in the market are not safe. Only a few are USFDA approved. Unsafe technology may give poorer results and may cause side effects like burns. Experience plastic surgeon or dermatologists are best for getting the good results, other than the quality of machine
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