Breast Enlargement

Breasts should be proportionate to shoulders waist and hips. Beautiful breasts have Small cleavage breasts may interfere with a woman’s self-esteem. Women often resort to wearing padded bras to look bigger, but the look is not natural.
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Heavy Breasts

Breasts that are too large may not just look unattractive, but can also cause physical problems like pain in shoulders, shoulder grooving, skin irritation below and between the breasts and difficulty in performing physical activities. Right size bra is hard to find, for women who have large breasts.

Axillary Breast

Underarm fatty bulges on one or both arms are usually axillary breasts. Axillary breast is extra breast tissue that grows in armpits which are removed surgically. Axillary breasts usually grow during puberty and sometimes also during pregnancy. These can be removed permanently with surgery.

Sagging Breasts

Young breast is dense with glands but with age; glands get replaced by fatty tissue. This adds to softness and sagging. Breasts often lose their firmness and perky shape after breast feeding and after weight loss.

Large Nipples

Nipples can be too prominent, large or long . Prominent nipples are visible through clothing and even through the bra .  Nipples can be made smaller with Nipple Reduction Surgery.

Treatment Options

Inverted Nipples

An inverted nipple is a flat nipple buried inside the areola. Inverted nipples look bad and also increase the chances of infection and difficulty in breastfeeding. Nipple inversion can be mild, in which case it comes out to squeezing, moderate -when it comes out but goes in immediately, and severe -when nipple can’t be pulled out at all.