Tips for safe recovery after large volume liposuction

Liposuction Surgery: Liposuction of fat more than 5 percent of person’s body weight is referred to as large volume liposuction. This term is used to differentiate it from small volume liposuction which is much simpler and safer. Smaller volumes of fat can be removed under local tumescent anaesthesia , without hospitalization with minimal blood loss. […]

Liposuction: Then and Now

Liposuction is a very popular plastic surgery – among top 3 worldwide. Liposuction involves removing localized fat from the body, with the help of hollow metal cannula( pipe). Technique of liposuction has changed a lot since liposuction was first started 30 years ago. Liposuction was initially done for removing localized small fat deposits( like bulges […]

What’s New in Liposuction: VASER

Popularity of liposuction for unwanted fat removal has generated demand for better technology which can make liposuction safer, painless and quicker. Patients and plastic surgeons alike have constantly seeked solutions that can make liposuction a better and more satisfying procedure. VASER is the latest technological offering in this context. VASER has been around since 2002, […]

Liposuction for Weight Reduction

I am a plastic surgeon. A lot of people who are overweight approach me everyday for getting a good body shape by liposuction. Those who are within 10 percent of their ideal body weight( for example if ideal weight for someone is 60 kilos and he weighs 66 kilos or less) are ideal candidates. Thats […]