Male beauty has a variety of parameters. Attractive male face expresses health, vitality  strength and character. The typical male face has strong facial features, and it follows Leonardo Da Vinci’s golden proportions. The metrosexual look is also in vogue as evident in modelling trends. The metrosexual look is more delicate and feminine.

What does the treatment involve?

 Boytiful Makeover is a procedure which is as artistic as sculpting with clay. A trained eye and expert’s hands are required to create best results. Nonsurgical facial and body enhancing treatments that get your facial features to look sharper and smoother are available at Ambrosia Clinic, with the best USFDA approved products. Surgical and non-surgical treatments like scar revision for acne scars and any other scars, laser hair removal for unwanted hair from body and face are also available at reasonable costs.

A Perfect Male Face and the treatments that can enhance the features involve:

Symmetrical Facial Features

A symmetrical face consists of an inverted triangle shape with cheekbones and chins forming the tips of the triangle and angular in front and side views. Non-surgical and surgical treatments that provide changes in shape and angularity of face defining the jawline.

Flatter and Narrower Eyes brow ridge (the separation between the forehead position and the eye socket and a deep set appearing eyes with flatter and narrower eyes and eyebrows.

Nose Reshaping

Slightly longer and wider nose makes a face look prominent. For some people, it could be a longer nose to be levelled. Treatments for correcting the nose with surgery or with Juvederm injection, smoothing the complexion – Chemical peels and Obagi treatment.

Lip Correction

Slightly thinner lips, especially the upper lip can be enhanced with a lip augmentation procedure.

Chin Realignment

Square/angled and or larger jaws are the most attractive facial features a man can have. The facial analysis is done, and nonsurgical or surgical treatments are performed to get the face close to perfection. Treatment for double chin with a liposuction and filler injections are minimally invasive treatments that do not require special recovery time.

Chest & Abdomen Fat Removal

Male breast reduction surgery and liposuction of the abdomen can give you much more tough and attractive looks.

Waist Fat Removal

Liposuction of love handles can be done for a narrow waist, and six packs are other treatment that can enhance the complete body of a man.

Hair Transplantation

FUE Hair transplantation technique and PRP treatments for hair growth will help you with natural hair growth and will be a permanent solution for alopecia.

Who can Benefit?

Anyone above 18 can be benefitted with a Boytiful Makeover. Usually, 18 to 30 years is the common age group. A Boytiful Makeover can change your looks with or  without surgery, risk, healing time and without anybody knowing. You look much more attractive, but still yourself. Boytiful Makeover is a treatment that is painless and natural. You will look absolutely normal like you were before, but with enhanced and better looks.

Addressing your concerns


Nonsurgical treatments are possible for the face. Filler injection,and chemical peels have no downtime.


Acne scar treatment and Laser hair removal require multiple sittings.


Most of these treatments are painless and rest is not advised. Home treatment products and sunscreens are recommended too. Male breast reduction and liposuction of abdomen, both are daycare surgeries and less than a week of rest is adequate. These surgeries are safe and virtually scar-less.

Procedure Cost

Cost of these procedures is informed after assessing you during personal consultation with Dr Priti Shukla.

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