Acne Scars

Acne (pimples) are common in teenagers. During adolescence, under the influence of sex hormones, oil glands (sebaceous glands) of skin start producing more oil. Enlarged pores of oil glands appear on the skin. Acne happens when these oily pores get blocked. This blockage occurs when “keratin”, the protein under the outer layer of our skin hardens.
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Wrinkles and folds are signs of ageing skin. Wrinkles occur by the reduction in the thickness and elasticity of skin that happens with age, sun damage and malnourishment. Other reasons that contribute to skin wrinkling are sleeping positions, smoking, insufficient hydration, muscle loss, and prolonged immersion in water. Habitual facial expressions like frowning is also a factor that causes the skin to wrinkle. Read More

Fairness & Pigmentation

To briefly know what pigmentation is, it refers to the colouring of the skin due to a pigment that is produced by specialised cells in our body that produce melanin. When these cells are damaged or unhealthy, it affects the production of melanin. Undesirable dark discolouration of face or body skin is an outcome of pigmentation problems. Pigmentation is a common concern with Indian skin.
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Excess Hair/Hirsutism

Excess hair growth in face and body is a common problem that affects men and women . Excess facial hair is usually found in mustache and beard area in women, apart from arms, legs, abdomen and breasts. Men too may suffer from Hirsutism ( excess hair). Read More

Stretch Marks

Stretch marks are pink or white linear scars on the skin that are commonly found in the female abdomen after pregnancy. They also can be found on body parts like thighs, buttocks, arms. Stretch marks usually appear first during growing teenage years.  

Hair Growth

Excess Hair Fall can happen in Women & Men leading to baldness hair loss has many causes, and the cause should be diagnosed for the best treatment.

Treatment Options