Fat Arms & Thighs

Beautiful arms are well toned, and in proportion with rest of the body. Fat gathers in certain areas of the body. Arms and thighs are common areas where fat accumulation takes place. It’s common for people to have specific areas where fat gets deposited preferentially and is resistant to diet and exercise. Arms and thigh fat deposits are common in women and uncommon in men.

Saggy Arms

Sagging arms have excess skin.Excess skin happens after weight loss, bariatric surgery or after excessive liposuction. Loose skin hangs down when arms are lifted up. Additionally, there can be some looseness of muscles and excess fat too. Muscles can be toned by exercise and fat can be removed by liposuction. Loose skin can be removed by surgery. Minor cases of looseness respond to nonsurgical treatments.

Saggy Thighs

Attractive thighs have minimal fat and smooth contour of women. Outer thighs are rounded with gentle convexity at the uppermost part. Male thighs are more muscular, and straight in outlines. Thigh skin can become loose and saggy after weight loss, bariatric surgery or excessive liposuction. Excess skin appears first in the upper inner thigh area. In severe cases, loose skin may be found all over the thighs.