12 Healthy Holi Practices You Shouldn’t Ignore

The season of colours is just outside the doors. When Holi comes, you embrace all the colours with open arms and you welcome all the happiness with an unguarded heart. But, do you hide yourself from the calls of celebrations? Is it because you are worried about your skin or hair? Did the news on holi-eye-damage scare you?

Well, you are very right to be worried. But, that is no excuse to shy away from your friends and family. All you need to do, is just be a little careful and and take precaution. Ambrosia brings to you the most basic, yet vital, skin care tips to can protect the smoothness of your skin even from harshness of Holi and other healthy practices.

Best Practices during Holi

  1. Use natural colours. In older times, Holi  colours were extracts of natural elements like neem leaves, turmeric, flowers of flame-of-the-forest etc. They were actually supposed to protect your skin from spring dryness and other skin diseases. But the synthetic colours today are doing exactly the opposite. However, luckily, the market also sells natural colours made from bio-materials. Opt for those colours since they are better for healthy skin.
  2. Drench in colours but keep your skin clothed.Whatever colours you use, they might contain one such chemical (could be preservative or an essence enhancer) can affect adversely to your healthy skin. So, best be clothed as much as possible. Wear full-sleeve and full-length clothes; reduce exposure to colours as much as possible.
  3. Protect your hair.Although protecting your hair is not essentially a skin care tip, but isn’t it equally important? Your glossy and silky skin can become rough and frizzy overnight after an eventful Holi-day. So, before your grab the palette of colours, apply a generous amount of oil in your hair (preferably, the previous night).
  4. Moisturise your skin.Just like your hair, your skin will also need a protective coat. The most essential holi skin care tip is to use moisturiser. Find a very good quality moisturiser (don’t experiment; use something you are already familiar with) and apply it all over your skin.
  5. Shield yourself from the Sun.Holi is an outdoor event. Naturally, you will be accompanied by the good old Sun. While all its energy and good deeds are appreciable, it does not do any good to your skin. So, use a thick layer of sunscreen on your delicate skin.
  6. Stay hydrated.Again, Holi  is not just about protecting your healthy skin. You also need to keep yourself from getting dehydrated which is very easy with all the running around, singing and dancing. So, drink plenty of water or clear fluids.
  7. Don’t ignore an itch.If you get an itch, take immediate measures, even if that area is under clothes. Some kind of irritant might have found its way through the tiny pores of your attire. Wash the area and reapply even more moisturiser in that area.
  8. Mind the eyes.Skin care tips are viable. But when it comes to eyes, it won’t be much fun to wear goggles during holi (unless, of course, you have an existing eye condition). So, there is only one thing you can do – take caution. Do not let colours  get into your eyes. And if they still do, rinse your eyes with cold water immediately. See a doctor if irritation persists.
  9. Shower mildly but thoroughly.The after-holi cares are also equally important. You cannot force the colour out; neither can you let it stay over your skin. So, bathe in lukewarm water; use a mild shampoo and a gentle body cleanser. Don’t forget to use conditioner after shampooing.
  10. DO NOT SCRUB.If the colours on your skin are resistant to wash, it’s very tempting to scrub it out. But mind this skin care tip – do not scrub. Scrubbing will only cause abrasions on your skin letting the colour seep in even deeper. Just like Mehdi, some colours go deep and take time to come out.
  11. Moisturise. Yes, again.Remember, when I said moisturising is the most important holi skin care tip? Well, here it comes again. The thorough shower will wipe out every last bit of moisture from your skin. So, you will need to moisturise your skin all over again. Moisturising before and after Holi  is non-negotiable.
  12. Visit a dermatologist.If you see any rash develop or feel itchy or see redness in your skin, Ambrosia is only a phone call away. Consult the doctor before the condition becomes nasty. We keep a few slots vacant during the post-holi days to address the ad hoc skin emergency situations.

Read the skin care tips and other healthy practices a few more times. Remember those during the D-day and you will have a happy and fulfilling Holi and will still wake up the next day with soft and smooth skin.


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