Our Team

The team of Doctors and staff  at Ambrosia Clinic along with Dr. Priti Shukla who heads the team tops the charts in cosmetic treatments in Hyderabad.

With an experience of over 16 years Dr. Priti has chosen the most compassionate and skilled team. The team at Ambrosia Clinic endeavors to provide best results to all those who walk in with hope.

Dr. Madhuri Jesudanam MD


Dr. Madhuri Jesudanam is a dermatologist with 16 years of experience in clinical dermatology, lasers and aesthetic dermatology. Her areas of interest are – hair loss, pigmentation, scars and facial rejuvenation. She has obtained her MD in dermatology from KGMC, Vishakhapatnam and worked subsequently at advanced laser centre. She is a trainer and speaker at several conferences and has been practising in Hyderabad since 2001.

Dr. V V Subramanyam


Dr. V V Subramanyam. V is a Medical Trichologist, and an assisting Hair Transplantation Surgeon. Dr Subramanyam has been a part of several medical cosmetic organisations all over India. He is one of the best Surgeon among his Peers, With his relentless passion towards Hair Transplantation, He performs surgical and non-surgical Hair treatments, including FUE Hair Transplantation Procedure, Platelet Rich Plasma procedures, Dermaroller, Stem Cell Therapy, etc.

Dr Subramanyam started his career as medical trichologist in the 2013 and practised trichological and cosmetic procedures like PRP, and hair transplantations across india, currently dr Subrahmanyam is a consultant medical trichologist at ambrosia.

Dr. Theertha Lenin, FMC


Dr. Theertha Lenin, FMC is a Medical Cosmetologist and Aesthetician. Her passion towards aesthetic medicine made her start practice at very young age.She has been a part of several organisations at various locations in India; and is one of the best cosmetologists among her peers. She has  passion and skill in non–surgical cosmetic procedures like Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy, Dermaroller, Stem Cell Therapy, Anti–Ageing Treatment, Chemical Peels, Laser Therapy, Mesotherapy.  She does preliminary counselling and looks after patients before and after major surgeries too.

Asha Rani Bana


Asha is currently the manager at Ambrosia Clinic Banjara Hills. She has developed vast experience in the field being being associated with Ambrosia Clinic for a long time  and she is very helpful to all patients. Asha is an efficient team manager and she is always available to patients to answer any questions with regard to understanding the procedure and helping them achieving their desired goals with the treatment at Ambrosia Clinic.

Dr. Sindhuri Reddy


Dr. Sindhuri Reddy is a dermatologist with an experience of 9 years. He has done his MBBS from S.V.S Medical College And General Hospital, Mahaboob Nagar, which is affiliated to Dr. NTR University Of Health Sciences and has completed his MD – DVL (dermatology-venerology-and-leprosy) from Santhiram Medical College & General Hospital, Nandyal. Dr. Sindhuri is known for taking a lot of personal interest in every patient, and is one of the best in the field of cosmetology.

Dr. Sindhuri Reddy specialises in the following treatments and surgical areas:

Vitiligo Surgery, Cryosurgery, Mole Removal, Nail Surgeries

Mesotherapy, Lasers, Botox, Intralesional Steroids, Platelet Rich Plasma , Acne Scar Surgeries, tattoo removals

Simple Excisions, Sclerotherapy, Electrocautery and Chemical Peels

Active involvement in undergraduate teaching program and academic activities

He also specialises in various dermatological disorders such as imunobullous, keratinization disorders, pigmentary disorders, connective tissue disorders etc.

He is best known for his skill in treating psoralens, narrowband and performing UVB Therapy

Listed below are a few presentations and publications by Dr. Sindhuri Reddy.


Presented Oral Paper In Genodermatosis Topic ‘A Case Report on Pachyonychia Congenita Type II’ At XI International Congress Of Dermatology And 42nd National Conference of Dermatology In 2013.

Presented in Dermatosurgery Award Paper Session Topic ‘A Study Of Combined Use of Platelet Rich Plasma and Micro Needling On Acne Scars’ At XI International Congress of Dermatology And 42nd National Conference Of Dermatology In 2013.

Presented Oral Paper Topic ‘A Case Report On Pachyonychia Congenita Type II’ In November 2013 at CME Conducted In Santhiram Academy Of Medical Sciences and Won Second Position for Best Paper Presentation.

Presented Oral Paper Topic ‘A Study Of Combined Use Of Platelet Rich Plasma and Micro needling on acne scars at CME conducted in Santhiram Academy of Medical Sciences in December 2013 and won first prize for Best Paper Presentation.

Presented Award Paper Topic ‘A Study Of Combined Use Of Platelet Rich Plasma and Micro Needling On Acne Scars’ at Cuticon AP 2014.

Presented Oral Paper in British Cosmetic Dermatology Group Topic ‘A Study Of Combined Use of Platelet Rich Plasma and Micro Needling On Acne Scars’ at Annual British Academy of Dermatology Meeting, July 2016.


Vongumalli. S and Midde M.L. A Study Of Combined Use Of Platelet Rich Plasma and Micro needling on acne scars. Dr. J Dermatol 2016; 175(1) : 87-90.

Dr. Sindhuri Reddy V, Dr. Madhavi Latha M And Masthan Saheb D. Pachyonychia Congenita Type II: A

Case Report. Indian Journal of Mednodent And Allied Sciences. 2014; 2 : 204-209.