Cosmetic Cheek Surgery
Cosmetic Cheek Surgery

Well sculpted firm cheeks which are neither hollow nor too full are attractive. Prominent cheek bones are considered beautiful. Cheek bones may be underdeveloped in some persons. Some others have hollow cheeks or oversized puffy cheeks making them look fat. These problems can be addressed with cheek implants, fat injection and fat removal respectively.

» Cheek Implants
Silicone/ medpore malar implants can be placed on the cheekbones to make the cheek bones prominent.

» Anaesthesia : General
» Duration of Surgery : 1 hour
» Where : Operation theatre
» Hospital Stay : Daycare surgery
» Stitches : Absorbable, inside mouth
» Recovery : Cheeks swollen for 1-2 weeks. Back to work in one week
» How is it Done : Through small cuts inside mouth a silicon implants are placed on the cheek bone, under the skin and muscle

» Fat Injection:
Fat from one’s own body can be removed in syringes and injected into cheeks to make them fuller in the procedure called fat injection.

» Cheek Fat Removal: If the cheeks are too full they can be the deep fat from cheeks can be removed from a cut inside the cheek. Superficial fat can be removed by liposuction. It can be done under local anaesthesia.

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