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Recover From Cheek Augmentation, Like A Boss!

The cheekbones are one of the most prominent facial features, and we have explained quite a bit about the cheeks in our previous blogs of the ‘Cheek Augmentation’ series.  Now, if one has flattened faces due to disproportionate cheeks, which is often …
November10, 2017

Cheek Augmentation: What To Expect

We often look at ‘before and after’ pictures when we are looking to ascertain a change. This could be in terms of ageing, after having used a product or after having a procedure done. This is especially true as far as cosmetic …
November1, 2017

Cheek Augmentation – Who could do it?

When people talk about talking something on ‘face value’, we need to understand that there is a reason why the term is used. Our faces are our identity and more often than not, before anything else, our faces are the ones that …
October30, 2017