Cosmetic Surgery for Men

Cosmetic surgery is popular among men as well. Most common procedures requested are

» Abdomen - Liposuction
Before        After
Abdomen - Liposuction - Before   Abdomen - Liposuction - After

» Gynaecomastia Surgery
Before        After
Gynaecomastia Surgery - Before   Gynaecomastia Surgery - After

» Back - Liposuction
Before        After
Back - Liposuction - Before   Back - Liposuction - After

  1. Liposuction: Men tend to develop fat on their tummy and sides which is usually resistant to exercise and diet. Another problem area is double chin. helps in removal of such fatty deposits.
  2. Gynaecomastia surgery: Prominent female like chest is a common problem and surgery treats it permanently.
  3. Facial scars: on face can cause mental trauma and loss of self esteem, be it acne scars or traumatic scar. A lot of surgical and nonsurgical methods are available to lighten the scars.
  4. Nose job: Men commonly request for alteration in nose shape and size if it is disproportionate to rest of their face
  5. Dermabrasion: Deep acne marks on face are lightened with surgery.
  6. Eyelid surgery: Baggy eyelids can make the person look tired and old. can help rejuvenate the eyelids.
  7. Botulinum toxin and filler injections: Expression lines and wrinkles like frown lines make one look stressed and bad tempered even though person may be completely relaxed. These wrinkles and lines can be removed nonsurgically by TM and injections.
  8. Fat injections: Hollow cheeks due to weight loss or due to aging, can be made to look fuller and youthful by injecting one’s own fat by .
  9. Facelift: surgery lifts up the sagging face and is requested by men above fifty.
  10. Plastic surgery after massive weight loss: With the increasing health consciousness, people are shedding a lot of excessive weight at gym. But after a they are often left with hanging folds of loose skin. Skin does not get toned up and it needs to be removed by plastic surgery for smooth body contours.
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